Blood of Cobalt has moved!

I can no longer afford to maintain my webspace here, so I’ve moved all of the comic pages to where they’ve been scaled up a bit, edited, and touched up, even! You don’t need a tumblr account to visit the new site, obviously, but if you have one, be sure to follow so you can have updates show up directly onto your dashboard! Sweet!

There are also a handful of brand new pages as well, so be sure to check them out! Unfortunately, there’s still no saying when I’ll definitely be able to get back to updating regularly. I’ve been struggling quite a bit to get back on my feet in the real world, here, and it’s sadly affected my ability to keep up with BoC as well.

In the meantime, I likely won’t get rid of the archives here until it’s time to say goodbye to for good, sometime in February, I believe. After that, though, you really will have to go to the new site if you wish to see any more Blood of Cobalt!

Sorry again for going so long without so much as a word. Hopefully most of you who’ve been enjoying BoC up until now will be able to see this last announcement before the site goes down! Thanks so much for reading, guys!