And in true capitalist fat-cat fashion, they teamed up to derail the subject of conversation completely.

I am 99% sure that there is only one spelling error on this page. Thanks everyone, now I am paranoid XD

Yesterday, the 27th, was Duncan’s birthday!

I legit had a lot of fun making this one–mostly because when I do stuff from scratch on photoshop it usually ends up looking like Cretia’s birthday pic–which in general means pretty terrible. But this one is pretty :D I especially love that massive mitt he’s got. Mmmmyeeess.

Anyway I was mulling over what I should do about the whole mess of b-day pics being on the characters page and decided it was better to just put EVERYTHING in the Gallery where it belongs to make for easier viewing. Also note that this image has changed, apparently I shut off the shading right before saving it to .jpeg which is why it’s been bugging me for months…still don’t know how I didn’t figure that out sooner…

I also made changes to the Characters page that goes beyond simply removing the images, I changed the character pictures and added a couple of names to the list, as well as a very important note a the top which I should have brought up a bit earlier but forgot…whoops!

And there’s this. I woke up one morning with my hair doing something special and decided to jump on the band-wagon for this one.