Hi everybody! Sorry again about the hiatus.

Also, sorry I couldn’t bring us back on a more exciting page, but I needed a nice…er transition so I could split the books up properly.

But I mean, it’s a bull mastiff, so still awesome, amirite? Her name is Beatrice, by the way.

If you wanted to see the stuff I posted regarding the fundraiser, you can read it here.

Also, if you wanted to know more about why I we had such a long hiatus, you can read that here.

Also also, about as soon as exams ended, this happened:


I was hoping to end up in Ravenclaw, even though my heart knew I would end up in Slytherin. It didn’t help that my wand had all of the “destined for great power” materials strewn together.


I almost forgot, while I was away there were a couple of birthdays!

Raula’s birthday was on April 2nd, and Seyton’s was on April 11th:

-Leach out!