Hey everybody!

So I took a sorely needed break and I feel a lot better now! I have the drive to draw again, and I’ve started doing line art for the comic digitally and I feel really great about how it looks! Unfortunately I still have lots of homework and that’s why it’s not coloured right now, and I was hoping y’all wouldn’t mind if I posted the comic like this at least until the fashion show is done and over with. I know I can always come back and colour but right now I thought it was important that I get to updating again.

In other news, I’ve started up a Tumblr account, so if you’re interested there’s a icon below this blurb that will take you there. I post a lot of Tales of, Homestuck, and some feminist stuff, as well as art that you won’t see here, so if you’re into any of that, check it out!

S’good to be back :)