Blood of Cobalt is a comic that involves a vast and various geography that mimics the geographical and political guidelines similar to our Earth, so naturally the characters within it have their own nationality and culture that can be seen in their activities, sense of style, how they eat, and sometimes, how they talk. Several characters have a dialect that can be portrayed in the script, but some have accents or manners of speech that cannot be shown but must be imagined. Depending on where someone lives, these characters may sound different to each reader, so as the author I would like to give some guidelines on how to read and imagine the characters’ speech so that everyone can have a better sense of what each character is like.

The general rules go, provided I have not given a character any specific or unique dialect:

If the character is Rurian, from Ruria, they will sound English. Ruria is a country built on colonization by many different cultures, but all if not most Rurians have assimilated speech, meaning that unless I give them a dialect, they will always sound English. I do not pretend to be an expert on regional accents in the UK so I go by what I hear from movies/actors and how my Gramma cakes talks for dialect/vernacular. I try to play it safe though, so much of it will be left to your imaginations.

If the character is Archi, from Archam, they will sound North American. If you live in North America, it will be easier to imagine slight differences in dialect that can be caused by Archam’s many islands and peninsulas, but if not, that’s okay, just imagine how your favourite American movie star sounds and you should be all right.

Sigfryd VonFeierabend (Sig-freed Von Fier-ah-bent) R

Age: 24

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 167 lbs

Birthday: May 20th

Likes: Fine cuisine

Dislikes: Being referred to as ‘short’, ‘little’, or ‘young’

Sigfryd is a runaway from the notorious “Treasure Box”, a secretive place from which, until recently, no captive has ever returned from. Although being hunted down vigorously by the Rurian Kingdom like a criminal, Sigfryd often acts as spoiled as your average aristocratic youth, and the reason behind his life sentence in The Treasure Box is as mysterious as it is vexing. Despite his apparent disdain for the reigning monarch, Sigfryd appears to have a strong sense of justice and patriotism for Ruria.



Loni Aureli (Low-ni Or-el-ee) A

Age: 22

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 122 lbs

Birthday: October 27th

Likes: Fighting

Dislikes: Overindulging

Loni is a refugee, having escaped over the Archam border from a scary sounding character she refers to only as ‘Master’. Out of necessity, Loni discovered she could make money selling the furs of animals she would typically trap for food, and now considers fur trapping her official occupation. A bit capricious at times, the one thing that remains constant is Loni’s desire to challenge anyone who might put up a good fight—whether it means asking politely, or taking a much more straight-forward, aggressive approach.


Lucifer Metzger (Loo-si-fur Mets-geh) R

Age: 31

Height: 6′

Weight: 158 lbs

Birthday: November 27th

Likes: Challanging himself

Dislikes: Losing

Lucifer is a childhood friend of Sigfryd, referring to him as ‘cousin’, and just so happens to be next in line for the Rurian throne as the King’s nephew. Comfortable in his place as a noble, Lucifer spends most of his time reading, playing court games and studying the art of swordplay. In most things, Lucifer is fairly successful, and is not satisfied until he conquers each discipline he takes up.


Duncan A

Age: 27

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 161 lbs

Birthday: December 27th

Likes: Keeping his younger siblings in check

Dislikes: The cold

Duncan holds seniority over a myriad of younger ‘siblings’, whom he keeps a tight watch over constantly. Though he seems to have a ridiculous amount of strength and speed, he hardly ever uses either, unless he’s forced to defend himself or one of his siblings. Despite some of his crude dialect and bizarre mannerisms, Duncan is a white knight when it comes to politeness and chivalry.


Raula (Raoo-luh) A

Age: 26

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 153 lbs

Birthday: April 2nd

Likes: Meat

Dislikes: Authority

One of Duncan’s younger ‘siblings’, Raula lives by her own set of rules that the other brothers and sisters know need to be followed–or else. The only person she answers to is Duncan, who often doesn’t have much to say about her behaviour. Aside from being known as ‘Queen’, Raula is notorious for having a rather deadly choice of dinner palette. What’s for lunch, you ask? Why…it’s you, of course!


Seyton (Seh-ton) A

Age: 23

Height: 5’61/2

Weight: 149 lbs

Birthday: April 11th

Likes: Looking good

Dislikes: Dogs

Another one of Duncan’s younger ‘siblings’. Seyton’s major influence in life is Raula, and due to the natural border between their particular ‘species’, the mere mention of her name is enough to fill his entire body with terror. Other than these few moments of weakness, Seyton likes to appear as strong and professional as possible, though his natural instincts often overtake typical logic, and he needs a secretary to keep him from making any faux pas in public.


Bertram Metzger (Burt-rum Mets-geh) R

Age: 53

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 219 lbs

Birthday: February 17th

Likes: Privacy

Dislikes: Sleeping alone

The “Peasant King” Bertram is famous for leading the Rurian army in the war against Archam, and usurping the throne in an effort to end said war. Now, he is beloved for the changes he’s made to Rurian government and the peace he’s brought to his country, his crime against the former monarch forgotten. Though he performs his duty with pride, Bertram dislikes being associated with the frivolty of royalty, and hardly indulges in the privileges of his hightened position—aside from his dozen or so concubines, of course.


Cretia (Krets-zee-ah) R

Age: 36

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 129 lbs

Birthday: September 25th

Likes: Parties, dressing up

Dislikes: old-fashioned people, snobbery

Cretia is a noblewoman born into old money who is notorious for stirring up controversey in the Rurian court—her most recent scandal being her sudden marriage to a much younger man whose fortune was only a recent development (in other words, he used to be poor). Her family was rather scandalous as well, being immediate supporters of King Bertram’s new government, and even housed young Lucifer during the war. Because of this, Cretia has a special relationship with both Lucifer and King Bertram, one that allows her some special ‘perks’.