Hey howdy there! I am the creator of this website as well as pretty much everything in it. For those of you who do not already know me, know that you may refer to me as MR_Leach, or any variation of my web handle that does not include some sort of creepy honorific. I currently attend college in the field of fashion in the wonderfully exciting city of Toronto Canada. Since the age of four, I have never stopped drawing. I’ve got blisters on these fingers older than household internet access. Since then, a good handful of people have informed me that I seem to be rather good at it, and now, finally, I’ve become confident enough to share some of my artistic ability with the web. Over the years I’ve also prided myself in my creative writing ability, which is a blessing I suppose, considering the fact that as far as the spoken word goes I am horribly inarticulate by normal standards and under stress I’ve been known to go on much like Porky Pig, though you wouldn’t know it if you’d only ever read my words in text. I’ve always been more effective at making people laugh and cry by writing words on paper than attempting to say them aloud, thus cartooning became a natural step in the development of my talent. And so, through Leech Worm I bring you my original creation (though with a fairly unoriginal name), Blood of Cobalt, as well as the odd [aside] and other tidbits, in the hopes that you will enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.

Oh, and in case you need anything: mr_leach@hotmail.ca

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