Blood of Cobalt updates regularly every Monday morning at a rate of one page per week, and is typically accompanied by a blog post called [aside]. The inspiration for BoC comes from classic fighting games, though don’t worry, the story won’t be as bad as some classic fighting game arcs tend to be. The storytelling format is presented in “chapters”, though each chapter is it’s own story arc, and features a completed plot. When the Leech Worm Store becomes more established, chapters may be split up into “books” to be sold at a more reasonable interval than at the end of each chapter, i.e. less waiting.


Blood of Cobalt takes place in the fictional land of Ruria, a country made modestly prosperous under the ‘Peasant’ King, who though crudely usurped the previous monarch, managed to rid Ruria of war, as it now enjoys its longest period of peace since its colonization. Bordering Ruria is its most recent enemy, now under a long standing peace treaty, the republic of Archam, a country whose scientific breakthroughs nearly crushed Ruria until the Peasant King took over Ruria’s armies, and instilled the help of neighboring nations. Though Archam’s financial state was barely dented by the war, many Archi resent the large amount of money and land granted to Ruria at the signing of the treaty.

Within the walls of Ruria’s castle lies a legendary structure, though built before the war, it was re-purposed by the Peasant King as a headquarters for confidential meetings, a holding for precious information, and other secrets never to be shared beyond its walls. The mansion became known by Rurian citizens as “The Treasure Box”. The “Box” as it is sometimes called became notorious after numerous thieves, no-good-nicks and treasure hunters began trying to excavate it, never to return. Rumours say based on the King’s thorough and sometimes desperate measures to keep its secrets hidden mean that the release of the Box’s contents could easily bring the fall of Ruria. Certain persons are allowed to enter the Treasure Box, but a strict code of bureaucracy must be penetrated in order to get past the main foyer. The greatest level of clearance, white level, has been granted only to four persons, including His Majesty, and even the names of the other three granted this privilege are kept highly confidential. Amazingly, no Archi has ever willingly attempted to crack the Treasure Box.


A young man named Sigfryd has just done the impossible–he has escaped from the famed “Treasure Box”, also known as the world’s best kept secret. No person who has seen the secrets inside without strict permission from the King has ever made it out–until now. Though is knowledge could potentially bring him untold riches and fame, Sigfryd’s freedom is not yet assured. With the help of practised runaway Loni, he hopes to make it far enough from his enraged royal captor to be able to safely disappear–if only his new found partner would stop begging him to spill the beans!

Meanwhile, across the river (and in another country) the public has suddenly been made aware of a new scientific phenomenon–human/animal hybrids, created during experiments to make transplants less devastating to the human immune system, even in the case of animal donors. Unfortunately, these hybrid ‘prototypes’ are unpredictable in nature…Some, like Seyton, are perfectly aware of what it means to function in human society (though being polite and personable is totally optional) while others…succumb to their animal instincts. Now Seyton has to keep up appearances in the public eye while ‘brother’ Duncan helps their creator track down their wild, wolfish ‘sister’, Raula, whose love of the hunt has already proven deadly…