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My Favourite Sites:

70 Seas is an exciting and entertaining series of adventures had by three equally ill-tempered, self-serving misfits trying to survive in a world of ever-changing (often violent) political turmoil. Easy to get into, each chapter distinct from the last.

The Abominable follows the adventures of a slow-witted yet adorable abominable man named Charles on a mission from the gods. The story also features the wildlife as they go about their rather human-like everyday lives. Very cute, clever and humorous.

Awkward Zombie, despite what the creator keeps insisting, is quite funny. Even funnier if you play video games.

Beyond the Canopy is a story about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, thrusting a great and dangerous power upon a directionless and seemingly hopeless protagonist. The story and art are incredibly imaginative and delightful to take in.

Boxer Hockey is a very funny, very well drawn comic about a dim fellow and his fellow team members who practise a bizarre sport known as ‘Boxer Hockey’, which involves romping around in your underwear, hitting genetically engineered frogs with blunt objects. Very funny.

Cucumber Quest is a fun, family-friendly comic about cute bunnies having big adventures, though this seemingly cut-and-paste adventure story is a bit rough around the edges, and is guaranteed to make you chuckle no matter what age you are.

Fishbones follows the difficult life of a seemingly normal, bully-plagued high school student who appears to have some interesting connections…

Hark! A Vagrant makes history fun. It also makes you feel smarter for knowing certain things about history. May make you feel like an idiot if you skipped history class. May make up for it if you ever glanced at a Nancy Drew novel cover.

Johnny Wander makes me believe that all of the world’s most funniest people all happen to know the two people who make this comic.

The Meek is gorgeously illustrated and riveting to read, despite the less than conventional update schedule. Set in a fantasy world ruled from the shadows by gargantuan beings, the characters of The Meek go about their lives unaware of what their actions, combined, may be setting into motion. Contains some nudity.

Three Word Phrase Just read it. You will love what you are reading even if you don’t.